Words that Build Trust

Whether you write sales copy or read the content, you will soon discover that certain words seem to generate more interest. The following words help build trust and motivate a reader to possibly act on an offer for a product or service.

  • Cancel anytime – a very good way to ensure that the buyer feels no pressure.
  • Best-selling
  • Certified or Endorsed
  • Guaranteed
  • Money-back
  • No obligation and No questions asked
  • Tested
  • Try before you buy

An Authoritative Descriptive

However, one of the words that seems to carry the most authority is “ironclad.” Actually, this word comes from a term used druing the second half of the 1800s. Ironclads were steam-propelled warships that were safeguarded by steel or iron armored plates. The ironclad was created in response to a need to build a sturdier vessel, given that wooden warships were more vulnerable to explosive shells.

Model van de USS Monitor
The USS Monitor

La Gloire was the name of the first ironclad battleship. The ship, which took to the water in 1859, was a French Naval vessel. This type of ship also proved to be a successful vessel during the Civil War.  In fact, it was during this conflict that ironclads were first placed into action. At that time, the Confederacy made the decision to add armored ships to its fleet. In turn, the CSS Manassas was launched on October 12, 1861, and was the first ironclad to wage battle with Union ships.

The Battle of Hampton Roads

Later, the Union retaliated by adding seven ironclad gunboats to their Navy. A sizable armored frigate, known as the USS New Ironsides, as well as a smaller ship, the USS Galena, were also introduced into the Union Navy. The first battle between ironclad vessels occurred in March 1862. The Union’s ironclad USS Monitor challenged the ironclad CSS Virginia, formerly the Merrimack, during the Battle of Hampton Roads.

Eventually the Virginia was destroyed as was the Monitor, which sunk off the coast of North Carolina during a storm. However, more Monitor-class ironclads were built by the Union, all which proved to be helpful to the North. As a result, wooden ships became outdated during the Civil War.

While the word once described a Civil War battleship, “ironclad” is now a term used for building trust. Politicians like the word “ironclad” as do speech writers. The word, which is a combination of a noun and adjective, is one term that strengthens persuasive speaking and writing.

Image Credit: Wikipedia





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