Do You Have Hidden Verbs in Your Writing?

Hidden verbs keep writers from directly expressing themselves. Because verbs fuel your writing and give a sentence direction, they also enliven speech and phrasing. Verbs are hidden when we transform them into nouns, thereby making them less efficient in their jobs.


How to Uncover a Hidden Verb

Therefore, verbs that are hidden often feature endings, such as –tion, -sion, -ment-, or -ance. They often connect with verbs, such as effect, give, achieve, make, reach, or take.

So, a hidden verb, as indicated, is a verb that assumes the form of a noun. This form of writing frequently requires an additional verb in order to make sense. For example, the following examples show how a hidden verb may emerge in writing:

[Hidden Verb] You need to make application to the school in order to enroll.

[Direct Verb]    You need to apply to the school in order to enroll.

Another example –

[Hidden Verb] We must perform a calculation before the budget is reviewed.

[Direct Verb] We must calculate the budget before it is reviewed.

By uncovering hidden verbs, you can reduce wordiness and incidents of passive writing, all which can lead to long-winded phrases or redundancy.

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