Casino Game Words for Beginner Players

The words used in casino gaming take you to a new world – one where certain words and phrases are designed specifically for the casino platform or floor. For example, action is another word for play, and is used when playing slots and table games. Regardless of the game, casino players can count on lots of play or action.

Sportsbook120x60 (1)

An aggregate limit references the total payout liability for a casino game while aggregate winnings are synonymous with a player’s total winnings. Bankrolls are funds that are available to use in a bet and a barber pole refers to more than one color in a stack of casino chips.

Naturally, a bet is a word most people–whether they gamble or not–do know. It refers to a wager in a casino game. Betting limits are established by a casino, or are the least or most you can bet as a player. If you bet a buck however, you are betting more than a $1.00. Instead, you are placing a $100 bet in casino game play. So, if you are new to the activity, you can unknowingly lose quite a bit of money if you take a buck to mean $1.00.


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