Prepositions Are Relationship Words

To define a preposition, think of it as a relationship word. Basically, the word “preposition”  means a word that is placed before another word. In this case, a preposition sits before a pronoun or noun to show the pronoun's or noun's association with another word. Prepositional Phrases A word following a preposition is its object. … Continue reading Prepositions Are Relationship Words


When to Use Square or Round Brackets

While square brackets are used to make a quoted text more readable or a faster read, round brackets or parentheses are generally used to add details. Brackets that are round are also used to show that an item can be either singular or plural, as in the following: We picnicked beneath the tree(s). If information … Continue reading When to Use Square or Round Brackets

Do You Have Hidden Verbs in Your Writing?

Hidden verbs keep writers from directly expressing themselves. Because verbs fuel your writing and give a sentence direction, they also enliven speech and phrasing. Verbs are hidden when we transform them into nouns, thereby making them less efficient in their jobs.   How to Uncover a Hidden Verb Therefore, verbs that are hidden often feature … Continue reading Do You Have Hidden Verbs in Your Writing?